Carpet Sewage Cleaning Service Adelaide

Whether it’s a natural disaster like flood or an all-out blown sewer system, dealing with carpets contaminated with sewage water is a very serious hazard for you and your family. In point of fact, the Australian Department of Health has said that sewage contamination in carpets can lead to both skin irritation and abdominal problems if not treated in time. Flood Water Damage Restoration provides professional carpet sewage cleaning services Adelaide. With more than 10 years of experience in carpet restoration industry, we can successfully repair all kinds of carpet sewage damage.

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Carpet Sewage Cleaning Service Adelaide
Carpet Sewage Cleaning Service Adelaide

Our Carpet Sewage Cleaning Service Process

Flood Water Damage Restoration Adelaide team of expert technicians have the required skill and knowledge to restore any carpet damage within 24 hours. Our process for carpet sewage cleaning service Adelaide is simple, yet effective.

  • We start by removing excess sewage water from your carpets. They must be completely dried before starting the washing process. The longer sewage water is retained in carpets, the harder and costlier it becomes to remove them.
  • Excess water is removed from carpet area using vacuum and special water absorbing fabrics. The goal is to absorb as much contaminated water as possible. We make sure to clean and dry both sides of carpet and the padding.
  • Once dried off completely, our technicians will assess the extent of sewage damage in your carpet. We can restore your carpet even if it has been sitting in sewage for more than a month! Our technicians undergo extensive training programs and background checks to ensure safety of both your carpet and your family.
  • We strongly recommend removing any valuable furniture from the affected room. Nevertheless, our technicians will cover your belongings anyway to protect them from secondary damage. Serious flooding sewage damage can also require protective footwear.
  • Eco-friendly carpet disinfectants are sprayed on the entire affected area. Once again, we spray the padding and both side of carpets to ensure 100% removal of sewage contamination.
  • The carpets are cleaned and washed thoroughly using patented solutions. This brings back the pristine lustre of your home décor.

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Flood Water Damage Restoration Adelaide can guarantee quick, reliable, and effective removal of all sewage contamination from carpets. Get in touch with our experts today by filling out the small contact form on right side of your screen. You can also book an appointment of our carpet sewage cleaning service Adelaide by calling us directly at 0488 844 961. Our technicians are available 24/7 to help you with all kinds of flood water damage problems.

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